Media Cloud

Make Disconnected Marketing Platforms & Spreadsheets Extinct

Built by media buyers for media buyers, Media Cloud is a platform that ties both your traditional and digital media into one seamless campaign. This powerful, cloud-based software is made to easily organize, optimize, schedule, and report buys.

Media Buying Efficiency Tools For Agencies of All Sizes

Import Media Schedules

With Media Cloud, you don't have to work in data silos. Pull in media schedule data from major buying platforms, such as Strata, Wide Orbit, and OSI.

Automate Campaign Budgeting and Reporting

Empower your team with smarter data so they can see the big picture for both traditional and digital with end-to-end campaign movement. Additionally, you can impress your clients with beautifully automated reports.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

We created Media Cloud becuase we're partially allergic to spreadsheets, and we've learned firsthand how messy, disconnected, and inefficient manual media buying and planning can be. With Media Cloud, your team can spend more time helping your clients build their business and less time creating disconnected mountains of spreadsheets.

Generate Dynamic Calendars

Automate easy to read calendars that your clients can review for a monthly picture of their media campaigns.

Seamless Integration

Media Cloud integrates with Rentrack and Nielsen Data to provide a complete view of your media strategy.

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