360 Video

Broadcast to a Market of One



360’s video technology dynamically identifies each 360Target across YouTube. YouTube then embeds these websites to allow your business to get the most relevant message to each shopper right in your backyard. 360’s targeting technology cuts down on the wasted ad spend that standard online video campaigns experience from broader targeting tactics.

Intelligent Optimization

360’s video technology self-optimizes each campaign using your business’ sales data and campaign attribution results to continue to enhance the performance of each campaign. This intelligent optimization was the driving force for combining 360’s marketing automation and attribution technology into one seamless platform!

360 Video identifies every 360Target on YouTube and other websites with embedded videos. Once these 360Targets are identified, 360 Video presents the business branding and promotional video messages for their specific needs during the decision making process.

360 Video pairs our unique digital marketing tools with our intelligence platform to bring more buyers. 360 Video builds the backbone of branding and awareness for businesses targeting top of the funnel shoppers while our digital tools reinforce that message.

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