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Discover the Pillars of the 360CXM™.

Auto Target

The AutoTarget™ is the foundation of the 360 Platform. These are the shoppers in your area you can easily reach but may be overlooking. The AutoTarget™ Score is the most accurate predictor of buyer intent and engagement in the market today.

Auto Mining

Create more equity mining opportunities with our AutoMining™ technology. PreQualify car shoppers with soft credit pulls to have a deeper conversation about their unique options when you reach out. All the tools your sales team needs in our convenient 360Portal.

Auto Marketing

Automation™ identifies each AutoTarget™ on all the major digital media platforms and creates customized campaigns with each car buyer’s specific vehicle interests using intelligent automation to pair live inventory with current offers to effectively drive more buyers to your dealership!

Auto Retail

With AutoRetail™, elevate the path to purchase in a digital retailing world by bringing the customer experience full circle through a consistent, online car buying process. An effective digital retailing tool integrated into your website is essential for driving business into your dealership so your sales team can close the deal.

Auto Results

AutoReport™ gives dealerships the perfect tool to track and measure a more true ROI. 360Vue™, our proprietary view-through sales attribution tool, ties each AutoTarget’s™ engagement with your marketing campaigns back to offline sales transactions. AutoReport™ delivers a visual path to purchase for each AutoTarget’s journey!

Create Experiences

Create Experiences With People That Aren’t Customers Yet.

Create Better Experiences

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Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.
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